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Product Title: One Billion Applause - The Best Of Teresa Teng Japanese & Chinese (China Version)
Singer Name(s): Xu Wen (Singer)
Release Date: 2008-08-12
Language: Japanese, Mandarin
Country of Origin: China
Disc Format(s): CD

Track List:

01. 何日君再来 [When Will You Return]
02. つぐない [Return]
03. ひとり上手 [Stroll on the Road of Life]
04. 一水隔天涯 [An Ocean Apart]
05. 夕凪 [A Calm Night]
06. 山茶花 [Camellia Flower]
07. 东山飘雨西山晴 [Rainy on the East, Sunny on the West]
08. 别れの予感 [Feeling of Drifting Apart]
09. 人约黄昏后 [Liaisons after Sunset]
10. "时の流れに身をまかせ [Only Care About You]
11. 再见我的爱人 [Goodbye My Love]
12. 夜色 [Night Scenery]
13. 星 [Star]


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